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HTML5 logo is a free browsing site that will help you discover, download and share all of the web´s best videos.

5 out of 5 stars lets you beam your Youtube™ video on your connected TV, desktop browser,™ or to all your friends with 1 click

5 out of 5 stars everything you need around HD videos on the go!

It´s free No costs - No sign-up

Just use the service - no costs, no need to sign-up, register or to do anything else, simply use it.

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It´s secure Anonymous browsing

No need to register or sign-up. No tracking or logging of any requests.
256bit SSL secured!

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Any Browser Smartphone - PC

Works perfectly with any modern smartphone browser, iPhone/iPod/iPad, Android, Blackberry and Symbian supported.

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Your Movies Your videos everywhere

Take your favorites videos with you, whereever you are, whenever you want, how often you like.

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Cloud based Your videos in the cloud

Download videos on your mobile phone, notebook or beam it to your connected TV or dropbox account.

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It´s social Share with your friends

One click to share videos with your friends: on facebook, twitter ...

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Disclaimer: We do not condone using this web service for illegal file sharing. Please download content responsibly. You are solely responsible for complying with that website's terms of service and you should not use this web service where it might violate such terms of service.

Reviews & Testimonials:

This is a great service, & the usage is simple and easy. I only wish there is a way to take other video sites as well, but it's great...
Jack Web, founder here-we-go ;-)

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is a fine piece of mobile Internet by Appival UG

Scan the QR barcode with your phone or simply enter into your smartphone browser

Click on the image of the clip and watch, share, beam, download... the video - that simple!

Or just give a try here and now:

And yes of course - it's free